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Disclosure Packets


Disclosure packets for Golf Course View Cluster are available from:
Karen Seymour


PO Box 434
Oakton VA 22124-0434
As permitted by law, the Cluster charges a fee to cover the costs of preparing and delivering the disclosure packet. As of August 12, 2008, the following fee schedule applies.

Cluster Disclosure Packet Fee Schedule
Preparation and delivery of up to 2 copies
in paper or electronic format (your choice)                              $100

Additional paper or electronic copies each                                $25

Update to existing packet 12 or fewer months old                     $25

Expedited delivery (less than 14 days)                                         $25

Overnight delivery                                                         Actual Cost

When requesting a disclosure packet, please provide Karen with complete contact information for the person to whom the packet is to be delivered (name, address, telephone number, and email address (if requesting electronic format).
All fees are payable in cash or by check (made payable to Karen Seymour) at the time the packet is requested.
By law, the Cluster has 14 days from the date of your request to deliver the disclosure packet. You may request an expedited delivery, for which there is an additional fee.
If you have in your possession a Cluster disclosure packet that is 12 or fewer months old, you may request an update to that packet for a reduced fee that is payable at closing.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You will also be required to provide your potential buyer with a Reston Association Disclosure Packet. Call Reston Association at 703-437-9580 for more information.