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Our community was founded in 1972 in “A Place Called Reston.” Reston was founded in 1962 on 6750 acres of land purchased by Robert E. Simon, using proceeds of the sale of Carnegie Hall to the city of New York. From the beginning, Simon intended to build a “new town” that would combine the convenience of a city with the natural beauty and relaxed ambience of county living—a place where people could live, work, shop and play without leaving home.

Simon was not the first to conceive of building a new town on the site. Steps to design such a community had already been undertaken by the former owners of the 6750 acres, the A. Smith Bowman family (whose distillery continued to operate on Sunset Hills Road until the mid-1980s). The difficulty of the undertaking forced the Bowman family to give up the idea in 1960, and they sold the property to Fairfax County. Simon was able to buy the property from the county in 1961.

The initial development of Reston began in Lake Anne Village, north of what soon became the Dulles Access Road. Development of the next two villages, Tall Oaks and Hunters Woods (in which Golf Course View is located) began somewhat later. Hunter Woods Village was originally envisioned as an equestrian community in which single-family homes shared space with stables and bridle paths. By the late 1960s and early 70s, it became apparent that the people who were choosing to live in the new town of Reston were not horse people, and the stables and bridle paths gave way to multi-family housing separated by woods and fields. Golf Course Square and Golf Course View were part of this redevelopment.

Golf Course View and Golf Course Square together have about 200 homes that share the same floor plans. Golf Course Square was the first phase of the development and its original owners moved in during 1972, paying as little as $48,000. Golf Course View was completed two years later.

Since 1973, Golf Course View has developed into a community-oriented neighborhood comprised of original owners and newer arrivals who take pride in their homes and the lovely mature landscape that surrounds us. With Reston National Golf Course on one side of us and Newbridge Recreation Area's swimming pool, tennis courts and basketball court, we enjoy the best that Reston has to offer in a great quality of life.