Board of Directors

The Golf Course View Cluster Association is the self-government of the Cluster. All owners of town homes in the cluster, whether residing in the home or not, are members of the Cluster Association, and we encourage you to take an active role in Cluster activities. If you are a resident who rents your town home, you are not formally a member of the association, but we welcome your participation and invite you to take an active role.

Our community is managed by an elected board of directors who are responsible for maintaining the common property and providing necessary community services. All members and renters may serve as elected members of the Board of Directors, officers of the Cluster, or as committee members. To contact a member of the Board, use this online form.

Board Meetings

The Board meets on the second Monday of every month. See the most recent newsletter for the time and location of the next meeting. Residents are always invited to attend.


Members of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs for 2018-2019 are:

Gordon Simonett
Committee Chair:
Design Standards
Landscape & Trees

Vice President
John Natoli
Co-Chair: Playground Committee

Stephanie Cavanaugh
Co-Chair Drainage Committee

Jane Quilter

Joseph D'Amato
Co-Chair Capital Improvements Committee

Nikki Rooney
Co-Chair Events Committee

Erika Accomando
Co-Chair EventsImprovements

Non-Board Committee Chairs
Karen Seymour